Cashew: Improvement, Production and Processing
by PL Saroj
Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2018
ISBN : 9789386615558
Price : Rs 18995.00
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Author Profile
Prof. (Dr.) P.L. Saroj is an ARS Scientist (Horticulture) of 1990 batch. He has served in different organizations on various capacities such as Assistant Professor, CCS University, Meerut (UP) from 1989-90, Scientist, IIHR, Bangalore, (Karnataka) from 1991-92, Scientist IISWC, Dehradun (Uttarkhand) from 1992-1999, Senior Scientist and Principal Scientist, CIAH, Bikaner (Rajasthan) from 1999-2005, Prof & Head, Department of Horticulture/Dean (SW), SVPUAT, Meerut (UP) from 2005-2008 and Principal
About the Book
Cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) is a precious gift of nature to mankind and grown extensively in tropical climate for its delicious kernel. Though, India is the first country to exploit cashew processing and export but compared to other horticultural crops, cashew research and development was less emphasized. Also, there is no comprehensive document available in India about cashew research and development. Therefore, the present book has been compiled by including all efforts made in the fiel
Table of Contents
Foreword v Preface vii List of Contributors xiii Section I: Current Scenario 1. Cashew in India 3 P.L. Saroj 2. Cashew Development in India: Past, Present and Future 31 Venkatesh N. Hubballi and R. Jnanadevan 3. Processing of Cashew: International and National Scenario 45 D. Balasubramanian and P.L. Saroj Section II: Crop Improvement 4. Botany and Taxonomy 93 E. Eradasappa and P.L. Saroj 5. Genetic Resources in India 105 G.S. Mohana, P.L. Saroj and E. Eradasappa 6. Crop Imp
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