Eco-Degradation Biodiversity and Health
by B N Pandey
Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2013
ISBN : 9789383129874
Price : Rs 11495.00
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About the Book
Survival of any organism depends upon its surrounding environment. The relationship between man and his environment is never static. Man’s extensive interaction with the environment has resulted in Eco-Degradation. The Eco-Degradation is pose to come up as one of the major concerns for the mankind. Increasing rate of Urbanisation, Industrialisation, Mining, Deforestation and Population explosion resulted in highly polluted milieu and formidable health hazards not only for the mankind but for the
Table of Contents
Contents Chapter 1: Eco-degradation: Its implications and management by Omkar and K C Pandey; Chapter 2: Eco-degradation, health and well-being and the future by Robert G Gregory; Chapter 3: Environment, disease pattern and health status in a primitive tribe of rajasthan by Pramod Misra and A K Kapoor; Chapter 4: Shift in socio-cultural patterns by deforestation by V K Sharma; Chapter 5: Foetal wastage, infant mortality and ecological and social factors in six tribal groups of jharkhand by B N P
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