Dragonflies and Pest Management
by K P Shinde, T V Sathe
Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2013
ISBN : 9789383129867
Price : Rs 6495.00
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Author Profile
Dr. Sathe Tukaram Vithalrao is Professor and Head, Department of Zoology, Shiva University, Kolhapur. He has written 30 books and published 255 research papers in national and international Journals of repute.
About the Book
The book contains four chapters. First chapter deals with biodiversity of dragonflies to be utilized in biological pest control under which 15 new species of dragonflies have been described and six redescribed. Second chapter refers to biology of dragonflies which highlights life cycle, fecundity, habitat, behaviour, migration and endangered species. The chapter third is devoted for utilisation of dragonflies in biological control of insect pests which contain predator-prey index of dragonflies,
Table of Contents
"Preface 1. Biodiversity of Dragonflies 2. Biology of Dragonflies 3. Utilization in Biological Pest Control Programme Bibliography Index"
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