Agricultural Acarology
by B S Chhillar, Praduman Bhatnagar, Rachna Gulati
Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2013
ISBN : 9789383129072
Price : Rs 11995.00
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Author Profile
Dr. B.S. Chhillar is Director of Research at CCS HAU, Hisar. He also served as Professor and Head (Entomology).
About the Book
Acarines are prominent pests of field crops, granaries, warehouse and animals (arthropods, birds) causing heavy financial losses. House dust acarines are notorious agents of allergic reactions in human beings and other mammals. Acarines because of their small size and cryptic habitat are difficult to detect and hence most of the time infestations are overlooked. Once established in a new area, certain biological characteristics like high fecundity, various modes of reproduction, short life cycle
Table of Contents
Contents Chapter 1: Introduction; Acarology-development as a science of plant protection, relationship with other arachnids, identification keys of its orders and suborders, Acarines-their types and habitats, acarological techniques, acarines as biocontrol agents; Chapter 2: Plant Mites; Crop wise status of mite pests and losses in India, morphological genera, peculiar damage symptoms of prominent species of Tetranychidae, Eriophyidae, Tenuipalpidae, Tarsonemeidae, Tuckrellidae, management strat
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