Advanced Ecology
by Lalan Kumar Singh, Arvind Kumar
Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2013
ISBN : 9789383048878
Price : Rs 9740.00
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Author Profile
Dr. Arvind Kumar is Vice-Chancellor of Magadh University and had been Vice-Chancellor of Vinoba Bhave University. Dr. Kumar is recipient of several awards and medals including Prof. WA Nizam Gold Medal by the Zoological society of India, Dr. S.Z Qasim Gold Medal.
About the Book
India exhibits a panorama of the ecological conditions of rest of the world within her geographical boundaries. Ecology is a multidisciplinary science. Ecology is regarded as the science which investigates organisms in relation to their environment and a philosophy in which the world of life is interpreted in terms of natural processes. The growing population, relentless marches towards development and the subsequent increasing have forced man towards urbanization and industrialization. The wast
Table of Contents
Contents Chapter 1: Community Ecology: A Critical Review by Arvind Kumar; Chapter 2: The Invertebrate Colonization During Decomposition of Eichhornia crassipes Solms in the Mouth Zone of Guarei River into Jurumirim Reservoir (Sao Paulo, Brazil) by R Henry and N de L Stripari; Chapter 3: Effects of Prescribed Burning on Bacterial and Fungal Communities of Top Soil in Olokemeji Forest Reserve, Nigeria by A Akinsoji and Elizabeth Sowemimo; Chapter 4: Muga Based Ecological Farming System: An Approac
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