Environmental Impact Assessment and Management
by B B Hosetti, Kumar A
Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2014
ISBN : 9789351305361
Price : Rs 12670.00
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Author Profile
Dr. B.B. Hosetti is working as Professor, Department of Biosciences, Mangalore University, Mangalore. He worked as visiting Faculty Member at the University of Salford, U.K.
Dr. (Prof.) Arvind Kumar is Vice-Chancellor of Magadh University and had been Vice-Chancellor of Vinoba Bhave University. His fields of specialization include limnology, aquatic insect ecology and biodiversity.
About the Book
This book entitled “Environmental Impact Assessment and Management,” embodies 15 chapters covering a wide spectrum. Chapter 1 contains details of EIA, Basic elements and Methodologies. Further, important guidelines to be followed before establishing industries, water related projects and transport related projects are narrated in Chapter 2. Important case studies of EIA viz, second stage expansion of Malpe fishing harbour, Human impact on Himalayan Ecosystem, Konkan Railway Project, Heavy metal
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Environmental Impact Assessment: General Introduction, Basic Elements and Methods; Chapter 2: Guidelines for EIA of Industrial Establishments, Water Related Projects and Transport Related Activities; Chapter 3: Environmental Waste Auditing; Chapter 4: Case Studies on EIA: A case study on second stage expansion of a malpe fishing harbour, Human impact on himalayan ecosystem, Konkan railway project, Impact prediction of an irrigation project: A case study of upper tunga p
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