Future Crops Vol. 2
by K V Peter
Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2014
ISBN : 9789351304104
Price : Rs 12995.00
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Author Profile
Prof. K.V. Peter, Director World Noni Research Foundation, Chennai is the Former Vice-Chancellor, Kerala Agricultural University (KAU); Director, Indian Institute of Spices Research, Calicut; Director of Research KAU and Professor of Horticulture from 1979. A post graduate from G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar (1969-1975), he is associated with development of biotic stress resistant verities in Chilli (Pant-C1, Pant-C2), tomato (Sakthi) and brinjal (Surya) Which are g
About the Book
Future Crops Vol. 2 expositions plants presently underexploited but with considerable economic value as vegetable, fruit, spices, ornamentals, medicinal plants and industrial crops. Future horticulture is challenging as space, water and energy are limiting factors. New life styles, migration both inter and intra country and innovations in processing into value added products would demand hitherto unknown plants to become crops of commerce and trade. The volume 2 deals with aquatic vegetables, aq
Table of Contents
Devotion v
Acknowledgement vii
Foreword ix
Preface xi
List of Contributors xv
Introduction xxi
1. Aquatic Vegetables 1
2. Aquatic Weeds as Potential Future Foods 17
3. Underutilized Fruits of Indian Arid Zone 51
4. Underexploited and Lesser Known Fruits of Mizoram 85
5. Underutilized Spices 103
6. Cactus Pear 133
7. Camelina 153
8. Castor Bean 179
9. Citron 199
10. Delphiniums 213
11. Embelia ribes: An Endangered Med
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