Biodiversity in India Vol. 7
by Pullaiah T, S Karurppusamy, S Sandhya Rani
Imprint : Regency Publications
Year : 2014
ISBN : 9789351303336
Price : Rs 13590.00
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Author Profile
"Prof. T. Pullaiah obtained his M.Sc. (1973) and Ph.D. (1976) degrees in Botany from Andhra University. He was a Post Doctoral Fellow at Moscow State University, Russia during 1976-78. He traveled widely in Europe and USA and visited Universities and Botanical Gardens in about 17 countries. Professor Pullaiah joined Sri Krishnadevaraya University as Lecturer in 1979 and became Professor in 1993. He held several positions in the University, which include Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences, Head of th
About the Book
The present Volume 7 of Biodiversity in India includes 18 chapters covering broad spectrum Biodiversity. It includes Balsaminaceae in Tamil Nadu, Loranthaceae and Viscaceae in Karnataka, Bryophytes of Western Ghats, Pholidota in Himalayas, Lepisorus in Nilgiris, Macrofungi in Kodagu region and Snakes of Sri Krishnadevaraya University campus. A few chapters deal with Non Timber forest produce, medicinal plants and wild edible plants are also dealt with. Ex situ conservation of wild medicinal plan
Table of Contents
Preface v
1. Systematic Studies on the Family Balsaminaceae of Tamil Nadu 1
2. Diversity and Distribution of Macrofungi in Kodagu Region
(Western Ghats): A Preliminary Account 73
3. Western Ghats: The World Heritage Site for Biodiversity and
Ecological Security 97
4. Bryophytes of the Western Ghats: An Overview 107
5. Vascular Flora of Thumpali Hillock 121
6. Diversity, Distribution and Current Ecological Status of Botanically
Less Known Pholidota
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