Advances in Aquatic Ecology Vol. 8
by Vishwas B Sakhare, B Vasanthkumar
Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2014
ISBN : 9789351303084
Price : Rs 9800.00
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Author Profile
Dr. V.B. Sakhare is Director, Post Graduate Studies, Yogeshwari Mahavidyalaya, Ambajogai. He has 15 years' experience as an outstanding teacher and researcher. He is recipient of fellowship of Indian Association of Aquatic Biologists, Hyderabad.
Dr. Sakhare has been editing an international journal 'Ecology and Fisheries'
(ISSN 0974-6323). Dr. Sakhare has authored/edited few books such as 'Applied Fisheries', 'Reservoir Fisheries and Limnology', 'Reservoir Fisheries and Ecology: A Lit
About the Book
This 8th volume of the book 'Advances in Aquatic Ecology' is an excellent compilation of 35 research as well as review communications, lucidly written by stalwarts from various research institutions and universities of India and abroad.
It is hoped that this volume shall generate further database and interest for the benefit of academicians, researchers, policymakers, ecoplanners, administrators and scientists working in the field of aquatic ecology.
Table of Contents
Preface v
List of Contributors xi
1. Biodiversity and Population Ecology of Intertidal Macrofaunal Assemblage at
Rocky Coasts of Kathiawar Peninsula (India) Off Arabian Sea 1
2. Trace Metal Analysis in the Worm Eel, Myrophis platyrhynchus Breder, 1927 from
Parangipettai, Southeast Coast of India 18
3. Impact of Uncontrolled and Illegal Fishing Practices on Biodiversity of Gulf of Mannar 26
4. First Record of Ribbon Fish (Crested Hairtail) Tentoriceps crista
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