Enhanced Role of Science Centres and Museums in Developing Strategies/Nam S&T Centre
by Vinay B Kamble
Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2013
ISBN : 9789351301721
Price : Rs 5495.00
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About the Book
This publication deals with the role played by science centres and science museums in planning and implementation of development strategies, particularly in the developing countries. Science centers and museums are unique resources for informal learning, a process central to forging knowledge, skills and positive attitudes. These are the places to discover, explore and test ideas about the natural world. In the recent years we are witnessing unprecedented growth in various fields of science and
Table of Contents
Contents Chapter 1: Challenges of establishing a science centre in a developing country: A case study based on Botswana’s first Science Centre The Discovery Centre by Gloria Tiny Seitei, Botswana; Chapter 2: The Enhanced Role of Science Centres and Museums in developing Strategies by Nikola Rizk Guirgues, Egypt; Chapter 3: Five Decades of Science Museum movement in India by Tapan K Ganguly, India; Chapter 4: The Enhanced Role of Science Centres & Museums in Developing Strategies by Abhay Kothari
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