Policy and Legal Framework for Urban Green Space Governance in India
by H. S. Gupta, Rajit R. Okhandiar
Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2013
ISBN : 9789351301523
Price : Rs 11430.00
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Author Profile
H.S. Gupta is currently a senior Professor in faculty of Technical Forestry at IIFM
Bhopal, with his current research focus on collaborative working in forestry projects,
plantation forestry, management of wildlife, climate change in forestry etc. He is an IFS
officer of Jharkhand Cadre of 1986 batch. He has got his Ph.D. from BIT Mesra, M.Tech from
IIT Delhi and Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management from IGNOU. He has
worked extensively in different districts of
About the Book
The present book makes an attempt to explain the need and evolution of regulations for managing the tree and forest cover in urban and rural (including special problematic) areas - which are normally outside the focus of the legal forestry or scientific forestry, but are of critical importance.
However, the urban areas because of their special needs for green spaces have got special focus as far as this book is considered. The need and design of such regulations focused to greenery in urba
Table of Contents
Acknowledgments v
Disclaimer vii
Foreword ix
Preface xi
Abbreviations xix
Terminology and Definitions xxiii
Introduction xxxiii
1. The Urban Tree Cover and Beyond: Understanding of the Concept, Status and Dynamics 1
2. Urban India in Climatic Stress: The Policy Options with Green Focus 12
3. Approaches and Tools for the Management of the Urban Tree and Green Cover 26
4. Regulations Related to Trees, Urban Forest, Green Spaces in India: An Analyti
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