Micro-enterprises in Agriculture
by M S Virdi
Imprint : Daya Publishing House
Year : 2014
ISBN : 9789351301479
Price : Rs 7800.00
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Author Profile
M.S. Virdi former Director of CSIR Poly-technology Transfer Centre Bhopal, has served in various National Labs/ Institutions of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) and made significant contribution in the field of Research Management, Technology transfer and Entrepreneurship Development and Rural Development. He was Instrumental in transfer of more than 150 technologies of CSIR in Industrial and Rural Sector.
About the Book
Identification of commercially viable technology is very
important for the success of any enterprise. To catalyze the
process of technology transfer, author of this book conducted more than 200 seminars, conferences, training and demonstration programs apart from regular counselling services. In this book effort has been made to select sustainable technologies developed by various Labs/
Institutions of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research,
reputed private Institution
Table of Contents
Preface v
1. Manufacture of n-Triacontanol:
A Plant Growth Regulator 3
2. Bio-fertilizers 6
3. Vermicompost 9
4. Tissue Culture Technology 17
5. Papain from Papaya 25
6. Processing of Medicinal Plants 31
7. Herbal Sweeteners 37
8. Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables 45
9. Cryogrinding of Spices/Herbs 49
10. Convenient Food–Gravy Mix 52
11. Iodized Salt 54
12. Energy Food 56
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