Land-Use and Environmental Resources: Methods and Management
by Anil K Gupta
Imprint : Associated Publishing Company
Year : 2018
ISBN : 9788193476956
Price : Rs 9495.00
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Author Profile
Dr. Anil K. Gupta is Head of Policy Planning Division, Head of Training Cell and Coordinator of Technical Advisory Committee, at India’s National Institute of Disaster Management, New Delhi. Previously he was Director of Bundelkhand University Institute of Environment and Development Studies, and head of its Environmental Science and NRM Departments, as founder. He also worked with DMI Bhopal, NEERI (CSIR) Nagpur, NDMC Ltd. and CICON Bhopal. He is Fellow of Earth Scientists Society and known for
About the Book
Land is the most finite resource as we have only one earth livable as on now. Land-use holds the key of environmental resource sustainability and human security. Environmental resource management as an approach that helps maintain the renewability and sustainability calls for the effective management of – landscape, land-use and land-resources. Book comprises of three sections: Overview, Methods & Case Studies, and Management Strategies. Examples and experiences from different parts of the worl
Table of Contents
Acknowledgement s v Foreword vii Introduction ix Introduction and Overview 1. Land-Use for Climatic and Human Security: Policy Concerns 3 2. Land-capability and Land-Use Optimization 11 3. Land Reforms and Environmental Sustainability:Reference to Real Estate Boom 25 4. Land-Use Planning in the Coastal Region through Remote Sensing Based Technique: A Case Study from Gujara 37 Methods and Case Studies 5. Spatial Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Land-Use Suitability Analysis:
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